Sell your used Audi - we offer fair and extensive service

Used Audis, even if they are not roadworthy, might still be worth a lot of money. Our Audi car purchase is characterised by reliable service and fair prices. Our services when buying your old Audi include pick-up from any location in Germany, cash payment and deregistration of the vehicle.

Since 1997, we have been active in the field of buying used Audis and other car makes. The cars purchased by us are exported to Africa as well as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other EU states.

Audi purchase

Because the cars are sometimes only used for spare parts, the state of your Audi is not important when you sell it to us. We will buy your car in any state, no matter if is has just a few dents or engine damage. We even buy scrap cars.

Audi cars have been representing German quality for over 100 years

The history of Audi started in 1909 in Zwickau, Saxony. After founder of the company, August Horch, left his former company, he established “Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau”. The term “Audi” is the Latin translation of his name “Horch” (English: “Listen”) which he could no longer use because of differences with his former company. In 1914, the company became a corporation and changed its name to Audi AG. Its headquarters are located in Ingolstadt (Bavaria) in the south of Germany.

The innovations of Audi always have been trend-setting in the field of automotive technology. Combined with unbeatable designs and extravagant comfort, Audi is and will continue to be the favourite car of many people. The car designs following World War II were characterised by functionality. The production of the “premium manufacturer” was relatively cheap for customers. In 1994, the upper class model A8 was introduced. In addition, the manufacturers focused on the use of high-end materials. Audi introduces new developments every year at the IAA (International Automobile Exhibition).

Sell your used Audi: be on the safe side with us.

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