How much is my car worth?

When buying a new car, you always have to decide what to do with the old car and how much it is still worth. Because many factors influence the evaluation of a car, it’s not always easy to determine the value of a used car without professional help.

Especially after an accident, it is important for you to know whether you can sell your car with a profit or if it would be better to scrap it. No matter if it has only a few damages to the paintwork or if there are major technical defects - before you write it off, you should always have the residual value of the car evaluated by an expert.

Reliable car evaluation from a professional

We can offer you professional support for the evaluation of your used car. During a competent assessment, we will consider all factors which influence the value of a vehicle. Amongst others, these factors are: model, age, mileage and possible damages such as scratches and dents. This way, we are able to determine the reliable residual value of your used car.

In order to determine how much your car is worth, you can enter the details of your car in our online evaluation form. After that, we can support you with the valuation and we will make you a fair offer for the purchase of your used car.

Reliable valuation of your car

At Autoexport Center Erfurt, your used car is in good hands. In addition to the professional and reliable valuation, we also offer a full service when purchasing your car which includes pick-up from any location in Germany as well as payment in cash. In order to save you as much work as possible when selling your car, we will also deregister the car on request.

Give us a call or fill out our online evaluation form so that we can determine the residual value of your used car.

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