Is selling a salvage car profitable?

After overcoming the initial shock following a car accident, the car owner has to ask himself: what to do with the salvage car? Often, repairing it is not advisable because the costs would the higher than the value of the car.

Many owners of salvage cars then decide to scrap their car because selling it seems too complicated to them. Commercial car dealers often refuse to buy salvage cars for warranty reasons. In addition to that, the offers are often below the actual remaining value of the vehicle.

Even salvage cars can be profitable

A salvage car should not be scrapped just because you think that no one has use for it. In the worst case, you even have to pay for the scrapping. But even alleged scrap cars can bring you at least a couple hundred Euros.

What is a total loss for some, is a treasure chest for others

We export salvage cars to Africa and Eastern Europe, where even cars which can no longer be driven on the road are used as a spare parts depot. Moreover, the repair is cheaper in these countries. This means that a car which is a total loss in Germany might be repaired in another country and be made roadworthy again.

Purchase of salvage cars at fair terms

We will buy your salvage car at fair prices and conditions. In most cases, we will even offer you a price well above the residual value of your car. Additionally, we will pick up your car anywhere in Germany and we will take care of the deregistration.

Use our online evaluation form to offer us your salvage car. We will get back to you within 24 hours to make an offer. Your data will be kept confidential and not be passed on to third parties.

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