Sell your Skoda in Germany

When you sell your Skoda to us, we offer you a fair and extensive service. From picking up the car throughout Germany and the deregistration up to the loan settlement, we will take of any task in connection with the sale of your used Skoda.

We don’t care about the state of your car. Whether high mileage or minor or major defects: you can offer is your used Skoda without any obligations using our online evaluation form. We will then make an offer for your Skoda. If you agree with the price, we will pick up the car at your location and pay you the money in cash.

Skoda - from bicycle maker to car manufacturer

Skoda’s success story began in 1895 in the Czech Republic, when two friends decided to start a bicycle company called Laurin & Klement. These two friends who shared the first name Václav quickly turned their company into the largest bicycle manufacturer in the country.

Several years later, they started equipping some bicycles with an auxiliary motor. Shortly after, they started to produce motorbikes. At the same time, the company began to develop cars. After the success of a prototype with a two-cylinder engine at a trade show in Vienna, the company Laurin & Klement restructured and from 1905, they only produced cars.

Due to economic difficulties, Laurent & Klement merged with the mechanical engineering company Skoda in 1925 which gave the company it now famous name. After the Second World War, Skoda was nationalised which did not have a negative impact on car production. After the end of the Cold War, Skoda merged with Volkswagen AG and profited mainly in the fields of production and development.

Until today, Skoda successfully manufactures mid-range cars, compact cars and small cars.

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