Sell your used Toyota to a reliable exporter

If you choose to sell your used Toyota, your old car will be in safe hands with us. We offer you a full service when purchasing your car, so you can spend your valuable time on more important things. We will take care of all tasks in relation to the car sale for free - from the pick-up from any location in Germany to the deregistration of the car.

The state of your used Toyota doesn’t matter when selling it to us. We buy all cars, no matter whether they are roadworthy or if they are salvage cars or damaged cars. Selling your used Toyota is easy - just offer it to us via our online evaluation form and we will get back to you immediately.

Purchase of used Toyotas at fair terms

When buying your Toyota, we offer fair terms and a trouble-free selling process. We will pay the agreed price in cash when we pick up your used Toyota. For an overview of all the services we offer when purchasing your used car, please see “Our service”.

Toyota - a success story

Toyota started its success story with the manufacture of spinning frames and manual weaving looms. The founder of the company, Sakichi Toyoda, was born in 1867 near Nagoya, Japan. He completed an apprenticeship to become a carpenter and used this knowledge for the development of these machines. His son Kiichiró studied mechanical engineering at a university in Tokyo. In 1929, he registered a patent for an automatic loom.

With the operating principle of this loom, autonomous automation, the company laid the foundation for the car manufacture. The patent was sold to a British company and the proceeds were used to establish a car manufacturing facility.

In August 1937, the Toyota Motor Corporation became an independent company. The name of the company was changed from “Toyoda” to “Toyota” on purpose - to facilitate pronunciation and to separate private and professional matters.

The cars manufactured by Toyota are known to be particularly energy efficient and very reasonably priced despite their extensive standard equipment. The most popular models are the Corolla and Carina.

Today, the compact yet robust vehicles are very popular both as new car and used car. Purchase of used Toyota cars: with us, you can sell your old car profitably.

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