We buy your used VW - fair and professional service

With us, you can sell your used VW quickly and easily, receiving an excellent service. When buying your old VW, we will take care of all associated tasks so that you have as little work as possible. For example, we pick up your used VW at your location and pay you the agreed price in cash.

Selling your used VW is not hard. In our online evaluation form, you can enter your vehicle data and we will make you a fair and non-binding offer.

Purchase of used VW cars for export

We are buying used VW cars to export them to Africa, Europe or the Middle East. Depending on the state of the car, they are either made roadworthy or used for spare parts.

VW - quality with tradition

The history of one of the most famous car makes in the world began in 1934, when Adolf Hitler demanded the construction of a car for the general public, costing no more than 1,000 Reichsmark. Ferdinand Porsche assumed the role of chief planner for this project. The “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH” was founded in 1937. One year later, the company was renamed “Volkswagenwerk GmbH”. In 1965, “Volkswagenwerk AG” was founded which is known as “Volkswagen AG” since 1985.

During the Second World War, the factory was mainly used for defence production. The serial production of vehicles only began in 1945, under the control of the British military government. It turned Volkswagen into the biggest automobile manufacturer in Europe.

Today, the cars by VW with models such as VW Polo, VW Passat and VW Beetle are associated with high quality for every income bracket. Not only in Germany, but in the whole world, VW impresses with look, safety and comfort.

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